Social Sensitivity

Through various exposure and study, students are made to be aware of the social unjust realities, which are against the Will of God and the dignity of the human beings. Students are encouraged to liberate themselves from social conditioning that result in the loss of personal freedom. Students are motivated to act as agents of social change, liberators of social evils now.

RIPS school promotes leadership skills through various youth movements and co-curricular activities. We Organize to reach-out programmes in the villages, home for the aged, Orphan Children’s Home, Physically and Mentally Challenged Children. We Provide educate about the rights of the girl-child. We help our students to discover their own unique strengths and talents so as to find their place in society.

Education to Culture

RIPS trains the students to appreciate and respect what is noble in every culture and cultural values. Be rooted in one’s own culture and open to the other cultures.

We try to develop in the students a sense of patriotism, respecting the different cultures around them. They will work for national integration and communal harmony, respecting others without distinction of caste, creed, language and economic status.

RIPS instills in students, respect for the National Flag, National Anthem, Constitution and National Leaders. In RIPS we celebrate all Religious, Cultural and National festivals in a meaningful manner.