Class Rooms

Meet the modern Technology, the presiding member of the RIPS classroom. We have been successful in bringing technology to our classrooms with the introduction of interactive green boards or Smart Boards. These allow students to interact with the lesson content while allowing teachers to integrate a range of resources with their lessons.

The classroom transforms into an interactive forum for sharing experiences among students, thus helping in widening their analytical faculties.

Classrooms are spacious, centrally fresh air and have enough lighting arrangements as per international standards. The number of students in each class is restricted, so that the teachers give individual attention to each student. commonly designed furniture has been provided in each classroom, keeping in mind the comfort of the child.


The School library is a learning resource center in the widest sense as it houses information resources, expansive reading material with internet access. The library is well stocked with a wide collection of books and CDs on a variety of subjects. Children is encouraged to use the books for their reference. The school library fosters the development of life-long learning abilities and love for reading in the students. It also provides teachers with instructional material and professional resources.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is fully equipped with 20 Multimedia Systems. It is also supported by uninterrupted power supply. Every student gets an opportunity to work with the computer, twice a week

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Laboratory of the school houses cutting-edge laboratory facilities including Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. It accommodates 30 students at a time and is sophisticated with well-equipped apparatus and sufficient chemicals which enable each student to get individual experience. Proper safety manual and instructions are given while experimenting with hazardous chemicals, solvents and solutions.

Physics Lab

The school has a well-equipped and spacious Physics Lab which can accommodate about 30 students at a time. It is well stocked with models, charts and other high quality instruments to inculcate practical knowledge among the students. All the equipments necessary to conduct the required experiments, which form the part of the curriculum are found in the Laboratory. Skilled teachers explain the procedure to students and students conduct the experiments. This ‘learning by doing’ aids in long-term retention of scientific facts.

Biology Lab

The biology laboratory consists of a spacious room with individual work space and apparatus provided to each student. Ample specimens, microscopes, slides, models, charts, human skeleton and much more enable students to grasp the theoretical concepts better. Students have all the necessary equipments to understand and work on the entire biology practical course. All kinds of biology project work can be undertaken in the laboratory

Maths Lab

RIPS has well equipped Mathematics lab . It is a place where students can learn and explore various mathematics concepts and verify various mathematical facts and theorems using variety of activities and it is well equipped with necessary kits and tools. It provides an opportunity to the students to understand and internalize the basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects and situations. It provides greater scope for individual participation in the process of learning and becoming autonomous learners.


The School has its own fleet of buses. All the buses run on speed control mode and Each bus has a driver, a conductor and a security guard, for complete safety and security of the children. The routes and timing of the entire fleet of buses are monitored with the special manager.


The Auditorium is in the plan for the coming academic year , which is a massive Hall which will be able to accommodate the entire school during special programmes and celebrations. The auditorium will be fully equipped with speakers, focus lights, other lighting arrangements, audio system, and all the other modern equipments.

Dance Studio

In RIPS , we expand the artistic qualities of our students, Pathways provides studios for Dance, Music and Theatre for ample practice.

  • Dance Studio
  • Art Studio
  • Music Studio

Dining Hall

A few moments that one can snatch from the hectic work schedule are best spent at the school dining hall. Where they can have their own tasty snacks and food , In the school mess we provide wholesome snacks, drinks and food in the most hygienic conditions. It offers a variety of nutritive food items. The Dining Hall has a capacity to cater to 250+ students at any point of time.

Play Ground

Nothing is more exciting to a kid than a big playground. Play areas are properly designed, maintained and supervised to be as safe as possible for the students. These galleries like areas enable the spectators to sit comfortably and view events and drills during our Sports Day, Annual Day and other Functions.