Our Promise


RIPS strives to give the students a healthy child-friendly environment. There is no comparison amongst children at RIPS. Every child is unique. Comparison destroys the creativity and disintegrates the mind of the child. Child – friendly and supportive environment both at school and at home would enhance the child’s holistic development. School and home are similar to a railway track. A smooth and conducive atmosphere at both places would help in gaining a purposeful education and joyful childhood. Your child is a gift of God. You are entrusted with a greater role as parents, so don't play roles of teachers and/or dictators. You are free to express your views and aims about his/her life but don't thrust those on your child.



Mark Scoring is not our target. Learning that leads to understanding and application is the objective. Parents who are mark-centred please note that, RIPS is not your school. Academic activity is limited only to school and there is no homework. Hence books and notebooks will not be sent home till the fifth grade. RIPS is built on an education model that focuses on the child, rather than one that trains the child to meet the demands of a confined curriculum.

Curriculum & Nature

Mindless academic rigour steals away the wonderful aspects of childhood. Keeping this in mind, RIPS has adequate space to play sports & games, grow plants & trees, and nurture pet animals & birds. At RIPS different types of co-curricular activities are encouraged and supported. Moreover, the freedom of your child to be himself and do what he is passionate about are willingly permitted.


English is the medium of instruction. Tamil is the second language. Language is a medium for Communication. Let us not confuse speaking good English with intelligence. But spoken English is paid due importance at our campus.