About us

How we Differ from others

Intellectual Information: RIPS school helps the students to strive for academic excellence, using all the available means in the school, in a spirit of acquiring and applying knowledge and of collaboration rather than competition. They are trained to develop skills to evaluate and criticize objectively and constructively and to have the capacity and concern to continue their own formation. Quality Education implies integrating knowledge and understanding and the joy of “learning to know”.

Education of the body, emotion & heart

Educate the students to respect life at every level, as the gift of God and develop their conviction on the sacredness of life. Promote health through sports and games. Provide regular programme of games and outdoor and indoor exercise and yoga. Make students aware of the importance of health, balanced diet, hygiene, sharing and avoidance of waste, etc. Develop self-awareness, empathy, self-esteem and self-confidence. Train students to have a deep respect for one’s body and those of others. Develop the qualities of the heart such as love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and appreciation of creation.

Our Motto
“Nurturing Value, Applying knowledge”. There is a saying, “If character is lost, everything is lost”. In this modern world there is no room for values. On the other hand there will be values in some places and one can’t find knowledge in it. However RIPS gives values and knowledge to our children to make them the best citizens of India.
  • Driving a strong culture that embraces and promotes creativity.
  • Providing every child with the best methods facility and access to learning.
  • Emphasizing on holistic development, learning ethics, social and life skills.
Knowlede: Equipping the student with a strong sense of reasoning that constantly enables applied knowledge and continuous learning

Individuality: Constantly empowering him to know himself better in mind,body and soul, growing him into a confident individual with strong values and principles.

Global Perspective: Awareness and understanding of global and local perspective through exposure.
School Info
Name of the Society : Ramachandra Trust

Period upto which registration is valid : Trust is irrevocable:

Establishment of school : 2011

Name of the Correspondent : Mrs. R.Ranjitham
Affiliated to CBSE
Affiliation No: 1930668

Quality Education

  • Teaching the subjects to develop skills and competence rather than memorization of facts.
  • Developing concentration, memory and thought.
  • Encouraging individual and group projects and activities by students.
  • Providing Mass Media Education.
  • Providing facilities for computer education.
  • Providing facilities for remedial / alternative programmes to meet the needs of the slow learners.