General Rules

The Medium of Instruction in School is ENGLISH

To develop fluency and improve communication skills, it is compulsory to converse in English inside the School Premises.

  • Parents and Guardians are requested not to allow their wards to bring Mobile phones in the school. If it is unavoidable, they need to carry a one time undertaking from parent stating it will be switched off in the school premises.
  • The student must come to punctually to school.
  • The student must come to school clean, tidy and in proper uniform.
  • Guardians are requested to keep watch on the work and conduct of their children and should be in close touch with the class teachers, subject teachers and the Principal
  • In case of any homework, guardians must see that their ward has done the home-work assigned to him and must acknowledge the home-work.
  • Any kind of damage done to the school property by the ward shall be made good by guardian.
  • Guardians must encourage the student to take part in curricular activities and games.
  • Children should be advised not to carry a large sum of money or leave money inside books, note books, bags, stationary pouches.
  • Any change in address should be communicated to the school office without delay and updated in the student diary.
  • Application of leave for one day in student diary should bear the signature of the parent. More than two days should be sent via PT Communications
  • Students should not wear experience jewellery to school or carry any expensive article to school.
  • No Nail Polish / Eye makeup to be used.

Meeting with Teachers and Other Officials

  • If Parents want to meet a teacher or any other officials, they Can do so with prior appointments after school hours or on working Saturdays.
  • Parents teacher meeting should be utilized as a platform to interact with the teachers, to be well informed regarding the academic progress and behaviour of the child.
  • Attendance of PTM is compulsory.