Kindergarten Curriculum

As the child takes his first step into the school, it is important that the experience makes him a life long learner. We, at RIPS, ensure the right learning environment for our students. The little ones need to explore the world as well as identify their latent talent and potential. Here is where their gross motor and fine motor development takes place.

Our goal is that children are physically, socially and mentally healthy and they are learning and developing at a decent pace with good communication skills.

We, at RIPS, provide a goodbalance of play, activity, creativity, free conversation, narration, role play, Rhymes, Art and craft, Indoor – Outdoor, Structured / Unstructured and Individual/Group activities which caters to all aspects of development and learning

Grade Curriculum

It is important to lay the foundation for child’s personality development. They must gain sound conceptual knowledge enabling them to relate the concept in their real life. Apart from normal academic sessions, we assess regularly whether desired outcomes have been achieved

  • Expression
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Responsiveness to the context
  • Understanding
  • Intellectual Risk taking
  • Creative Skills
  • Language (speaking, writing and listening)
  • Social and Emotional (Interpersonal and Intrapersonal)

Beyond Academics

Community Work and Activities under House systems, their collaborations, exhibitions etc enable the children to expose themselves to this competitive world, thereby developing long standing habits.